Mango Pulp Digital is a division of Mango Pulp Co. that represents Digital and Social Media & Marketing. We are driven by the creativity and innovation on each digital media landscape that is ever-changing and building a solid brand presence is what we care the most at the Mango Pulp Digital.

Ishan Lakhina spearheads Mango Pulp Digital, a digital marketing agency based out of Mumbai. He believes ‘Digital Marketing is all about Sporting’, each player (Creative + Content + Media) works together towards a common goal and achieve ultimate results.

We are a digital advertising agency offering strategy, design and production across all digital media platforms. We specialise in creating content, social media strategy, campaigns, commercials, websites, brand identities, PR and more.

 How movie #Hacked conducted its interactive on-ground activation in the theatres with the general public who came to watch the movie?

For the first time ever, audiences who went to watch a film got #Hacked! A stalker thriller by Vikram Bhatt. Mango Pulp Events come up with this interactive activity idea to have conversations around the movie theme. Now there is #NowhereToHide . We strategically placed CCTV cameras inside the theatre while strive to create the WOW factor for the audience, we saw no better opportunity than capturing those real moments for digital activations. We received enormous participation on social media networks and created a long-lasting WOW factor!

Our Works


Patel Timbers and Plywood started their journey from a small town of Itarsi in Madhya Pradesh, their forefathers laid the foundation. Soon, other family members also joined the business and started operating. In a few years, they grew up very fast, from a retail outlet to a manufacturing unit and further distribution in the whole Madhya Pradesh.

Our work for Patel Timber and Plywoods won many hearts during the IIID Showcase Bhopal 2018 exhibition while celebrating 39 years of legacy in providing interior designing solutions, we’re assigned to create a whole new Brand identity and Visual Communication. So we thought to bring that old charm back with wooden texture, a seal (thappa, in hindi) like pattern and bold fonts to its the logo unit. Remember those old days when their used to be a thappa (seal) on the sack. Yes, we tried to be a little old school with the overall treatment and also created a brand story for the launch.



Institute of Indian Interior Designers, popularly called I.I.I.D; was founded in 1972 to establish good professional & trade practices and ethics amongst its members and to highlight and enhance the image of the Interior Design Profession and exchange know‐how with similar organizations within the country & abroad.


Today, with over 8,000 members in 31 chapters & centers across India, IIID is a true representative of the Interior Design fraternity within the country as well as globally. IIID has well-defined aims and objectives towards the fulfillment of its duties towards the fraternity & profession and society at large.

Exhibition: SHOWCASE

  •  Various chapters & centers regularly organize “SHOWCASE” exhibitions for building & interiors related materials & services.


  •  SHOWCASE exhibitions are typically coupled with theme-based seminars & presentations to fulfill the Institute’s objectives on a single platform.


IIID SHOWCASE exhibition happened for the very first time in Bhopal in 2018 and we got an opportunity to highlight various aspects of the exhibition for the social media audience. We have a month’s period of time to put content over their  Offical Facebook  and  Page. We have received over 17 lakh impressions, over 4.5 lakh reach with an engagement (77k+) rate of over 550%.



NATCON is the national Convention, a flagship event of IIID.

It is conducted once in 2 Years.

The theme for the event 2017-19 is “DEFINING DESIGN”.

This is the largest B to B event in India.

Previous NATCON 2016 was held in Indore with a staggering attendance of 2052 delegates, the highest in the IIID history of the last 40 years.

NATCON 2018 at GOA would be the greatest ever Designers Convention ever on the Sub Continent. This would take place at Kala Academy, designed by The Doyen of Architecture Ar. Charles Correa, on December 6-7-8, 2018.

We achieved some mind-boggling numbers and an excellent engagement rate on overall social media channels while creating a viral marketing approach for the mega event, IIID NATCON 18.



KVS Salon is a unique salon and spa for families.  A Unique self-care salon with over a decade old presence in Bhopal. Located in three different areas of the city: Bittan Market (exclusive salon), 6 number and Gulmohar colony. KVS is named after three famous stylist brothers and they wanted us to be as creative as we can.

Our task is to makeover the whole brand and Salon branding by creating a whole new brand identity and visual communication for KVS. We started with the logo by giving a unique Typographical font to the letters using salon accessories and the results were fantastic.

Get unmatched branding and visual communication for your salon business. Want a logo for your business? or an in-house branding or outdoor branding? Need visual assistance? We are a full-service advertising agency in Bhopal to give you exceptional branding services.



Mister Supranational aims to revolutionize the industry, being the first competition of this nature to have a super modern and high fashion television production. 36 countries and territories competed in the contest’s first edition in Poland. The idea is to discover new talent for the modeling and television industries and to produce instant celebrities.


Our task is to manage Mister Supranational UK 2108 social media channels, getting applications from the UK male models while creating a social media strategy that should create hype around the event. We had contests, regular and timely posting strategy, identifying hashtags, mentioning the right tags while having a supra campaign “OUTSHINE“. We received an overwhelming 5 lakh impressions on Mister Supranational UK Facebook page and over 24K reach on Mister Supranational UK Instagram page. and not to forget everything organically, throughout the event until the finale in Poland.



The world of Beauty and Fashion has many different styles and perceptions. It surprises us still and is rediscovered and redefined time and time again. We have developed a unique international Live TV Event with the most incredible women from around the world participating in a contest that focuses on natural beauty and grace.


Our task is to manage Miss Supranational UK 2108 social media channels, getting applications from the UK female models while creating a social media strategy that should create hype around the event. We had contests, regular and timely posting strategy, identifying hashtags, votings, mentioning the right tags while having a supra campaign “OUTSHINE“. We received over 1Million + impressions alone on Miss Supranational UK Facebook page and over 32K accounts reached on the Miss Supranational UK Instagram page, and everything organically, throughout the event until the finale in Poland.