Mango Pulp Events is a division of Mango Pulp Co.. With years of expertise in brand activations, weddings, corporate events and Intellectual properties our team make sure to create a memorable brand experience for the client and attendees to make every minute count.


Pankaj heads the Event Management team, having come from the event and talent background, his imaginative approach and eye for crafting tailored made events are unique that differentiates us from all our competitors.


With a strong event management team, extensive knowledge base and experience, We execute each and every aspect of events from conceptualising to completion. We Craft unforgettable moments that transcend to more brand exposure and captivates your audience to both corporate and private clients.

 How movie #Hacked conducted its interactive on-ground activation in the theatres with the general public who came to watch the movie?

For the first time ever, audiences who went to watch a film got #Hacked! A stalker thriller by Vikram Bhatt. Mango Pulp Events come up with this interactive activity idea to have conversations around the movie theme. Now there is #NowhereToHide . We strategically placed CCTV cameras inside the theatre while strive to create the WOW factor for the audience, we saw no better opportunity than capturing those real moments for digital activations. We received enormous participation on social media networks and created a long-lasting WOW factor!

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