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If you’re a client and you’re reading this, you certainly don't want a long lecture on how competent we are at managing Talents + Events + Films and how we jazz up everything on Digital Media with not just strategy but execution as well.We are a complete and integrated entertainment marketing solutions company with diverse interests and verticals in the Talent Management, Digital Media & Marketing, Film Production and Event management space.

Our Story


Talent. Films. Event. Digital.
At our Core, we are Storytellers.

Having worked for over a decade in the event and entertainment industry, Rishabh and Prashant, (two individuals with a passion for creativity) realised the pain of their clients for creating content and marketing it to the right audience was difficult, since everything has to be outsourced.

They, then decided the best way to fix this problem is to have an in-house team of Film Production and Digital Marketing that’ll be a One-Stop-Solution for all our clients. So creating content and reaching out to the audience through digital media could be the best approach. Consequently, in December 2019 Mango Pulp was born.

We are excited to simplify the process of organising, finding the right talent, creating stories and market it to the relevant audience. We Produce great Content, Event, Talent and Digital Media, a collaborative explosion of creativity fuelled by a community of amazing Writers, Directors, Event Managers, Talent managers and Digital Marketers. “Pulp is real and it’s a collaborative effort”.

Our Team

Rishabh Dixit
Founder/ Director of Mango Pulp Talent

Prashant Trivedi
Founder/ Director of Mango Pulp Talent

Ruturaj Dhalgade
Director of Mango Pulp Films

Ishan Lakhina
Director of Mangopulp Digital



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Mango Pulp Studios.
317, Mourya Landmark 1 premises,
Above Brew Bot, New Link Road,
Andheri West, Mumbai 400053.

Contact :info@mangopulpco.in